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Work It 2020 The Original Netflix Movie Review

The Netflix Original Movie Work It! Work It! tells the story of QuinnAckerman - who is played by Sabrina Carpenter - and how her biggest dream up to this point is following in her late father's footsteps to get into Duke University! However, during her admissions interview, she tells a little white lie about how she is a part of her High School'schampionship dance team... The Thunderbirds. The problem is she isn't and she also doesn't really know how to dance But with the help of her best friend Jasmine, played by Liza Koshy, she and Jazz get together a ragtag band of dancers in order to form their own dance squad to make it to the WORK IT! Championship Dance-Off. Not only that, Quinn somehow convinces the top dancer, top choreographer, but Jake Taylor also played by Jordan Fisher, to choreograph for them hoping to get a winning dance, as well as teach her how to dance - if you know what I mean. 

Work It!  is very reminiscent of dance high school movies of the past like Step Up or Stomp the Yard or Save the Last Dance - which I feel like this actually kind of leans more towards Save the Last Dance and I loved that movie too so, we're fine. As well as, a big heartfelt lesson to follow and find your passion because you never know where it might lead you. All of the actors in this film are fantastic and that's where Work It! gets it right where a lot of previous dance high school movies get it wrong. Normally we get good actors that arent really good dancers or we get great dancers who arent really good actors But this movie combines the two and does a really good job of making you feel like it's a real high school that has a handful of great dancers versus a high school where every single member of the school is a professional dancer...that is just not real life. 

The opening sequence of this movie is exactly why it's called Work It! We get to see the Thunderbirds in action. So we have Liza Koshy killing it and then we have Keiynon Lonsdale who okay, i know most people know him fromThe Flash or even this year's Hulu series Love, Victor I was about to call it Love, Simon Love, Victor is the tv show - Love, Simon's the movie. Watch both of them they're great. But, Keiynan is also known from a little show called Dance Academy. um if you've never seen it watch it. It's teen drama in a Dance Academy. Keynote is a trained ballet dancer and so he gets to show off those dance skills in this movie. Keynote freaking whips it, twerks it, flips it vogues it. Do not sleep on Keiynon. 

He is incredible and plays an areally great character named Juilliard because he will be going to Juilliard and he is just manifesting. Liza Koshy, who is best known for her youtube comedy freaking kills it in this thing. Heating is superb and I had no idea that she was even a dancer, but she is a dancer! I really loved seeing Sabrina Carpentertake on a role like this I'm a huge fan of hers going back to girl Meets World where she played Maya Hart. She also has really fantastic music so if you haven't checked that out yet fix that gets on it she is amazing and she's amazing in this movie Sabrina as Quinn just proves that she is a leading lady contender. She is a smart actress who is incredibly charming and funny and knows how to sell a romance. Did you see the chemistry between her and Jordan Fisher?! Palpable. Dripping. Drooling. yes girl I believed every second of it. And she also isn't afraid to be silly as you can see in all the scenes where she is learning how to dance. how to dance. 

This is definitely not the last time we are going to see her carrying a film and then there's Jordan Fisher. seriously is there anything that you can't do? He sings. He dances. He acts. He's been on broadway. He's in movies. He's been in live musicals. You may remember him from Grease LIVE where he played Doody or RENT LIVE where he played Mark. He also plays another love interest for Lana Candor's character in the sequel To All The Boyce Loved Before and in this time he gets his due. Jordan gets to show off just how talented he is. Just how charming he is while playing the love interest for Quinn - who also has his own tumultuous backstory honestly the only thing that could have made his character better for me is if he sang me a little ditty please all I want to hear is Jordan Fisher sing forever Work It! is 90 minutes long and the pacing of it feels perfect. They use every second of that 90minutes to tell a fun, entertaining, heartfelt, uplifting story that is also a great throwback to movies of the past. So i say you should definitely check out Work It! and I don't think you'll be disappointed What did you think about Work It!? Did you hate it? did you love it?! Was just kind of meh? Did it also remind you of one ofyour favorite old dance movies? Make sure to comment below and let me know. And don't forget to hit that THUMBS UP button SUBSCRIBE to our channel and ring that BELL so you won't miss another angsty video Thanks for watching you 

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