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  V 2020 Telugu Movie Review 

 Today we are going to reviewing about the "V" movie review. That's all the Telugu I know! It'll be embarrassing if I continue! Telugu industry has given us some great crime thrillers to us in recent years. HIT, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Evaru are all examples for it. Because of that, the recent amazon prime release "V" starring Nani and Sudheer Babu had created a big hype. On top of that, the build-up towards Nani's 25th movie added to it! Through films like Eega, MCA Nani is quite well known in Kerala. Also, through movies like Jersey and gentleman, he has created a small growing fanbase in Kerala. Maybe if a Telugu actor had to shift his style and base to suit Kerala "Natural Star" Nani would be the one who finds it most easy The cinema was promoted as a full-on Mass Masala - Crime Thriller.

 After watching the movie The major drawback I felt was also the same While focussing on being a Mass masala. It seems as if somehow it forgot to be a crime thriller cultural reference ahead. Lost in translation instead of saying, "The sambar is boiling for no reason" despite adding loads of mass and masala it's apt to say that old reused story thread didn't let the sambar boil. Well enough! I think it's impossible to review this film with 0 spoilers, So, without affecting much of the viewing experience, I'll go ahead by making small reveals! A young and bold police officer, He becomes famous after stopping a riot. Meanwhile, another police officer gets killed. 

The murderer challenges our famous police officer to follow up killings keep happening. A cat and mouse play between police and vilian that's the plot. Didn't you find it tiresome listening to it? A variety of actions never tried before! As if the director wanted a Vikram Vedha in Telugu, and since he couldn't, he to his revenge with this. The movie opens to a fight scene On seeing Sudheer Babus's character's level and the way the story goes the director might have felt that there won't be another window for the body show. So that was done and dusted at the beginning itself! 

There is no shortage for "Mass" from the get go! After the first flying fight scene apart from boosting Sudheer Babu's character to the sky there is nothing much to complain here Some normal scenes and Nivetha Thomas' intro sped that time window quickly From there we go straight to the first murder, Nani's Intro Oh I forgot to mention the double meaning dance number in between that So, Nani's Intro Stark Midnight! Pitch black, Heavy smoke! through that, Nani enters wearing a cooling glass! From there it begins! feels like watching HIT, 5aam Pathira and Vikram Vedha all together! 

Let's see the movies flow as per the timeline! A police he becomes famous Gets a random girlfriend oh! don't forget that she's a crime specialist Next, Villain's intro Villain Kills Villain calls police Police chases again villain kills calls police police chases yet again Villain kills calls police police chases going straight into flashback! again..... villain kills calls police police chases.... atlast! Climax twist! 

Though things are like that Nani's performance and good camera work helped me watch it without feeling too bored Individual performances of actors were good! But the screenplay was very weak old telugu film references Nani's self references even as far as references from Game of thrones But why?!! The modern way of code decoding took me back to old malayalam movie Tiger! (Vaapachi's Legacy!) In a summary! flying fights shiny body Variety killings cliche' Story 2 good songs climax twist all make "V" an average generic mass flick You'll know what "V" is once you watch the movie!

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