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Top 10 Reasons Why Anna is an Ideal Sister | Frozen 2 Movie Review

Is Anna your favourite in Frozen? I'm sure you'll want her as a friend because she is so cheerful and appreciative. Imagine having a sister like her. In this video, let's talk about the: 

Number 10 Anna knows when you're not okay, even if you don't say it. Anna is very sensitive to Elsa's feelings. Elsa doesn't have to say that she has a problem before Anna notices it. As some people say, your true family and friends will hear you even if you are silent. 

Number 9. Anna sees all that is good in you. Anna always sees the good in Elsa's character and personality. She believes in Elsa's abilities and she helps her not to be too hard on herself. Anna is always there to remind Elsa of everything she has accomplished whenever she's worrying that she might mess up. 

Number 8. Anna can help you with your longing and sadness. Anna can help Elsa in her longing for their parents. Even though she's longing for their parents too, she chooses to be strong for her sister. We saw from Anna that it is possible to turn your pain into strength. 

Number 7 Anna is always there to look after you. Anna always looks after Elsa. Even though she has no superpowers, her love for her sister is enough. She wants to be by Elsa's side to let her know that she doesn't have to carry all the responsibilities on her own. She's there to make Elsa know that she has a family she can count and rely on. 

Number 6. Your personal differences do not matter to Anna. Anna knows that Elsa is different from everybody else because of her magical powers. But she doesn't let those differences tear them apart. And she doesn't see herself as inferior compared to Elsa because she has no magical powers. There's no competition between them because she knows her strengths and she is full of happiness and contentment inside. 

Number 5 Anna will help you focus on your goal. Even though Elsa is the elder sister, Anna can give great guidance and advice. She helps Elsa to focus on her true goal and prevent her from making a wrong decision. We learned from Anna that even though you are the younger sister, you should not be afraid to speak about what you think is best for your older sister. Meanwhile, it's great to see that Elsa knows how to listen to her younger sister and she doesn't think that she's always right in every situation. 

Number 4. Anna will not blame you for something that is not your fault. Anna didn't blame Elsa even after she found out that their parents died searching for answers about Elsa's magical power. She did everything to prevent Elsa from blaming herself over what happened. Anna knows that they can no longer change the past. And she understands that they cannot do anything to change the results of their parents' decision. Anna knows that playing the blame game will not help the situation. It will only hinder them from their true mission, which is to learn the truth about the past and save both Northuldra and Arendelle. And fulfilling that mission will free them from the pain of the past. 

Number 3 Anna will make you feel that you are a true blessing in this world. Anna explained to Elsa that perhaps the reason why nature rewarded the Queen of Arendelle with magic is that their mom saved their dad's life in the past even. In Anna's point of view, Elsa's life is a blessing for their mom's good actions in the past. And she also helped Elsa to see herself as a blessing even though it's hard to see things that way. We learned from Anna how to see things from a different perspective and to not dwell in negativities, even though nobody else sees it that way. 

Number 2 Anna will support you in your purpose in life. Anna doesn't stop Elsa from pursuing her true purpose in life. And Elsa would not find her true calling in life without Anna's love and support. Anna only asks for one thing: to stay by Elsa's side throughout her journey. So that in case something goes wrong, Anna will be the one to guide Elsa to prevent her from any misfortune. We saw from Anna that even though you can't see the big picture and you're unsure of what will happen, It's still important to support our family for the things that will bring them true happiness. 

Number 1 Anna knows how to stand on her own. Even without Elsa by her side, Anna still managed to find her strength. She managed to stand on her own and do the next right thing for the situation. She learned to be independent and make the right decision even without Elsa to guide her. We saw from Anna that even though we have a role model, they only serve as a guide. 

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