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There’s something special about movie directors that work with few resources and make it work. It really teaches us all about how much weoverthink things, making way too big of a deal out of creating when we have the toolsperhaps literally in our hands. Like being a new YouTuber, we think we needall of the bells and whistles before we start a channel.

These 10 movies, though, were created by peoplelooking to prove to others that it's not about the equipment, it's about how you use whatyou have. All you really need is your phone, and someambition. Here is a list of the

Top 10 Hollywood productions made with an smartphone and iPhone 

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10. UnsaneIt’s

UnsaneIt’s not just broke directors trying their hand at iPhone movies. Steven Soderbergh gave it a try as a creativeinterest and filmed Unsane, featuring Claire Foy as the star. He used an iPhone 7 Plus and filmed it injust 10 days! Talk about pushing through. The New Yorker was astounded. The use of the iPhone created a new proximityto the subjects, both literal and metaphorical. Critics saw it as a positive spark of noveltyon his work and on Hollywood movies in general.

9. Snow Steam Iron

Snow Steam Iron This movie by Zack Snyder was shot after the mess that was Batman v Superman. He used an iPhone 7 Plus and a Filmic Pro. This movie was all about revenge and not afull-length feature. The 4-minute film is impactful and thoughat first takes a moment to see what the director is doing, the “a-ha moment” is glorious. The fact that this could even be done withan iPhone makes me feel like I'm using my phone incorrectly.

8. Tangerine

Tangerine With a different perspective on transgender  work, this iPhone-shot movie moved peopleat the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Only the iPhone 5s was used and the creativityand genius behind it earned it a place in the Academy Museum and in filmmaking history. The director, Sean Baker, also used a FilmicPro. He wasn’t sure what type of reaction he’dget, both because of his methods and the subject matter of the film, but it was awe-inspiringto critics and colleagues alike, inspiring many and earning him awards.

7. Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar ManThis Oscar winner by Malik Bendjelloul would never have been made if he hadn’t used aniPhone and an app costing $1.99 when he ran out of money. The movie is a documentary following Rodriguez,a musician who was ignored by people in his own town but practically a star in South Africa. He liked to stay low key, had no phone, keptsilent, so his fans thought he’d killed himself. In the making of the film, Rodriguez was notonly found but also led back to stardom.

6. And Uneasy Lies

And Uneasy Lies the Mind This iPhone movie by Ricky Fosheim is about the state of mind of the main character Peter. Those who watch it, however, also end up uneasythemselves, as it’s quite gory and pushes limits. It was shot at a ski chalet using an iPhone5 with the Filmic Pro app. Ricky said he wanted to shoot in 16mm butdidn’t have the money for it. So, he did what he could with the iPhone andthe app and voila!

5. I Play With The Phrase

I Play With The Phrase Each Other Taking creativity to the next level, this movie is not only shot on an iPhone, but consistsentirely of phone conversations. It was so hell-bent on pushing that pointthat its website was It’s a black and white movie with the constantfeeling that something isn’t quite right. Clearly, the creative angle worked and broughtsomething new to the film.

It won the Special Jury Prize at Slamdancein 2014.

4. Night Fishing

Night Fishing Now that we all know Park Chan-wook after he co-wrote and directed Oldboy, which ifyou haven’t seen is described as incredible, we can appreciate how long he’s been atthe creative game. Not only can he create a thriller with a plotso intricate you can’t even blink, but he can also make a movie like Night Fishing,on an iPhone 4! It’s a fantasy-horror film and won BestShort Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Next time your dad asks you to help him withhis phone, remind him that Park Chan-wook filmed a whole movie on his and he’s almost60, so he is certainly capable of figuring out his iPhone.

3. Romance in New York

Romance in New York Tristan Pope created this movie in 2015 using an iPhone 6 using the point of view of a boyfriendon a date with his girlfriend. The romance was no easy feat to make, butPope certainly made it work to the critics’ satisfaction. To add, it was funded on Kickstarter, showingit had support long before the story was made real. It won the top prize at the iPhone Film Festivalin 2015 and you can find it on iTunes, it’s well worth it.

2. 9 Rides Matthew

9 Rides Matthew  Cherry created 9 Rides, which has all the modern signs of our current society. The premise is based around an Uber driverthat clocks in to work on the busiest night of the year, New Year's Eve. The night takes him all across the city ashe transports nine different sets of passengers who help him come to terms with life-changingnews. Matthew A. Cherry used an iPhone 6 and alsofunded it on Kickstarter. It all worked out for Cherry when the filmplayed at the SXSW, and the Chicago International Film Festivals.

1. High Flying Bird Soderbergh 

High Flying Bird Soderbergh was back at the iPhone game in 2019 with High Flying Bird. In this film, he focused on the business behindpro basketball. The film tells the story of a sports agentpitching a dicey business opportunity to a rookie player during a lockout. With a big-city feel and amazing attentionto detail, the film captures a basketball game through a “video shot by teenagers”,a good workaround to using an iPhone as your only real tool. Thanks for watching! Did you catch that my intro was shot on aniPhone? It may not win any awards, but you share youraward-worthy comments about any of these films or others shot using an iPhone. Now get out there with your phone and startmaking some movies

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