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Top 10 DC Animated Universe Movies Of All Time

Your number one source for rankings on everything entertainment. Today, we’re going to go over the top 10 DC Animated Universe Movies Ranked In the New 52 Timeline. Make sure to watch until number 1, because it's one of the best-animated movies from DC I have ever seen! We get to explore Diana’s backstory and the development of one of her villains. We find this story inneteresting because we explore a less known Wonder woman villain in Silver Swan. Even more, so that it’s someone she knows quite well that grows quite resentful and jealous of her. In addition to the final fight was extremely satisfying as Diana has to protect her homeland of Themyscira. Now, all we need is a new brilliant executed movie with Circe as the villain. 

Next at number 9 is Suicide Squad: Hell to pay. In this movie, we follow the Suicide Squad on a mission to chase a mystical object that can allow the holder to escape hell and get into heaven. The movie holds a lot of fan-favorite villains making this a very enjoyable Suicide Squad movie featuring lots of cool twists including reverse flash playing quite a big role in this movie. This movie has an interesting connection to flashpoint Batman and one that we like very much. Not to mention Harley Quinn has been growing in popularity so this is great to see her in action once more. 

Moving to number 8 we have Justice LeagueVS Teen Titans. Here we have the Teen Titan’s first appearance to the New 52 timeline. In this movie, we follow Robin joining the titans on Batman’s command. To then we start exploring the story of Raven and Trigon who is basically an extremely powerful demon god. Like you might have guessed the Justice League fall under mind control through being possessed and it’s up to the Teen Titans to fight them off. If you’re a big Titans fan then this will definitely be one you like.

Now coming to number 7 we have Justice LeagueDark. Fan-favorite John Constantine makes his star appearance as we follow him teaming up with Batman, Zatanna, and a few other less-known heroes including Swamp thing that gets their time to shine. This turns out to be an interesting movie we explore the Darker depths of the dc universe. Definitely a movie we recommend you watch. 

Next at number 6 is the Teen Titans Judas contract. I mentioned earlier that if you like the Titans then Justice League VS Teen Titans would be a very enjoyable movie. Teen Titans Judas contract takes it up yet another level. This is another adaptation of this famous story loved within the DC fanbase, although it’s a loose adaptation we still think they did a good solid job overall. In this movie we have Terra joining the team with a mysterious motive. The main difference in this movie is that titans also have to deal with Brother Blood in addition to the Judas story. The movie puts a big focus on our hero's personal struggles and does a good job rounding out Terra as a character. While the Deathstroke adaptation in the New 52 hasn’t been our favorite part of the DCAU, we still think he is a badass character we enjoy watching. 

At the midway point at number 5, we have Batman vs Robin. We are big fans of Damian Wayne as Robin. So in this movie, we get Robin struggling with Bateman's no-killing rule. We explore their father-son relationship struggle all in while Gotham is facing new threats. We have a Toy Maker and the secret society of the court of owls. This is one of the more interesting stories in DC, although the title is a little bit misleading since there’s only 1 fight between both characters. We especially enjoyed the last act of the movie and if you enjoy both Batman and Robin this may be the best movie on the list that focuses on them. Which reminds me, who is your favorite Robin? 

Now moving to number 4, we have the death of Superman. We love fights between heavyweights and heavy hitters. And there are no bigger heavyweights than superman VS Doomsday which is exactly what this movie gives us. You likely know the villain Doomsday and how he is not to be messed with, in this movie we explore another popular story adaptation in which Superman fights and struggles until his very last breath. Fans of explosive fights and even emotional moments will like this movie as we see Superman hit the ground. 

Starting our Top 3 we have Justice LeagueWar. The introduction of core Justice League members coming together to fight Darkseid for the very first time was great to see. We also get cool interactions with each other as they start to work together for the first time. The movie helps set the premise for the rest of the line up of movies that came after it. An exciting movie with a little bit of comedy inserted every now and then made this one of the better movies in all of the New 52timeline. You can’t deny that seeing green lantern get kicked by para demons was funny. 

Coming up to number 2 we have Justice LeagueDark: Apokolips War – The grand finale, goes out with a big bang to wrap up this specific universe. Great fights, great and wide selection of characters made this movie really exciting to watch and also made it quite emotional seeing your favorite characters be dismantled. Sometimes literally. In this movie, we have the Justice League and characters from the Dark movie as well like John Constantine who becomes an integral part of the movie. However, in the very beginning, these DC characters go to take the fight to Darkseid and instantly get pummeled, as to which we then forward in time to earth in the brink of being completely destroyed. The movie focuses as select heroes try to come back from all that has happened and see if they could somehow manage to still win. If you’ve been following the entire DCAUcontinuity, then this ending might make you emotional, but that’s why we like it. Now let’s mention some of our HonorableMention that isn’t part of this continuity but is still GREAT and is one of our favorite movies of all time. You should definitely check it out. 

Batman: The Killing JokeNow for our top movie at number 1 is The Flashpoint Paradox. The very first movie that started the New52 continuity is one of our favorite DC films. This movie revolves around the Flash going back to save his mother from dying resulting in a completely changed world. This world is on the brink of world war fueled by a feud between Themyscira and Atlantis. We have an alternate Batman who is not afraid to put you 6ft under and has become a fan favorite with fans demanding he gets a solo movie. But the main villain of this story is the Reverse Flash and the writers did a great job with him. The Flash must deal with the consequences of changing history. We recommend you watch this first for the obvious reason it’s the beginning of the timeline for this set of movies and its also an amazing DC Animated movie.

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