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world to share that with everyone thispresident knows a good investment when he sees itwhat do you do now you've already taken down the most powerful man in the world have I i hope fans see this as a new beginningbut i'm really excited to see not only the new look butthese sort of new performers that are uh taking on these voices for the firsttime you read about it tomorrow on the daily planet i love you bye i can't say ,

i'm trying to mimic or runfrom any of the guys before i think inevitably just by being mehopefully it'll be unique are you right miss laneas much of a responsibility as it is it's so alsofun to be able to play a character everybody knowsi love dipping into these worlds that are so established and sofully realized that we get to take it in new directions i hope when people see the movie theyfeel like we have done justice to superman that they feellike.

Latest Movie Superman Man Of Tomorrow Full Movie Review

we've reintroduced him in a way that is faithfulto what we know and what we love about the charactercore goodness in it he's superman and he's the superman youlove you were right this was the fun way Welcome back everyone it's charlie thisis going to be my new superman movie trailer that's right we have a brand newsuperman movie just happens to be animated i know we have dc fandom comingup this weekend people are hoping for

some kind of henry cavillman of steel or hopefully new superman live action news in the dc eu so we'llbreak it all down if you're new to the channel be sure tosubscribe to get all the easter eggs and obviously all the movie trailers thatthey're going to be dropping this weekend toowe'll do a new amazon giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand let me know what your favorite dc animated movie is i know a lot of youare ,

probably going to say justice league apocalypse warthat sort of reset the continuity of dc animated movies so we'll explain howthis movie fits into the new dc animated universe that they're creatingjust starting with the footage first and i'll explain what's going on becausethey have some new voice actors playing the characters like a new version ofsuperman new version of lois lane but this is just meant to hype up lobolobo is only one of the,

Superman Man Of Tomorrow Cast 

villains during this movie so it sort of chroniclessuperman rise it's sort of like superman year onethen him slowly meeting all the biggest characters and biggest villains from hiscomics like eventually you see him meet lex luthor what does the sstand for i know a lot of people were curious about that because you have thewhole henry cavill man of steel superman sstands for hope that zack snyder created but this just basically says it standsfor superman that's what the s is for but it is part of the canon thathe doesn't start calling himself superman until lois lane calls himsuperman once he puts on the costume for the first timeso,

a lot of the footage in this gives off a very smallville vibe where he'sbeing superman doing superman things learning about his powers like he learnshow to fly he goes to try and stop lobo before he's actually taken thesuperman name a lot of you saw lobo wearing.

Superman Man Of Tomorrow 2020 Latest Movie

the greenring and you're like wait a minute is lobo wearing a green lanternring that's crazy no it's probably just green kryptonite rock and he uses thatwhen he's fighting superman lobo is meant to be a really badassvillain he is super strong he has his own power set without the need for a lotof enhancements because his main ability is justregenerating himself from a single drop of his own bloodthere was a big joke about that during young justice,

season 3 that i'll talkabout in a second but because lobo is really street smartso to speak i mean you're talking about the intergalactic space laneshe would know how to fight kryptonians he would know that they're weak againstkryptonite as you've probably seen the animationstyle is vastly different from the other dc justice league animated movies likejustice league apocalypse war.

Superman Man Of Tomorrow Trailer

they're just taking opportunities to try newanimation styles try new actors so i don't know if they're going to do sequelsto this movie maybe if it's successful enoughyou also probably noticed the animation style seems very similar to the classicsuperman the animated series that bruce tim and his crew did after batman theanimated series as the producers talk about the storygives off a very superman american alien vibe like what would it ,

be like ifsuperman actually showed up on a real earth how would humanity treat him howwould he fit in how would he win them overobviously he's superman so he does win them over through his actionsbut a lot of his fight with lobo and some of the other villains especiallylex luthor are meant to highlight that struggle within him like how does herelate to humanity usually that's through the lowest lanecharacter she's sort of his proxy for humanitythat's why their relationship is so important to superman's story tohumanizing him and making him feel like an actual real characterbecause he's so god-tier powerful you also probably.

 i think thatthey would do justice league dark first there's also a live-action justiceleague dark hbo series that jj abrams production company is doing i don't knowif he's personally working on it but bad robotis doing it a lot of that stuff a lot of the upcoming dc projects and theunannounced big movies that they're doing they'lltalk about a dc fandom this weekend there are some secret movie panelsthere's the ones we know about and the trailers like the batman panel with mattreeves hopefully a teaser for that movie zack snyder said he's going to drop anew justice league snyder cut.

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