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Movie Review: The Babysitter: Killer Queen 2020 Netflix original 

 let's started with the plot drinking the crazy man we all murdered isn't trying to kill you in your dreams horror movies are pure teenagers the babysitter sequel brings back all the original players we've got cole played by Judah lewis coming back I actually had to look up on IMDB to see if it was the same actor he's grown to be such a little handsome man good on you Emily Linda's back as Melanie his BFF as well as the original band of demons you're a weird little dude with a crush on a murderous fictitious babysitter and now cole is in high school and everyone thinks that he's like insane because he's talking about this night where he almost died five times by a cult quick review of the original babysitter movie we will always appreciate a shirtless ravioli it's pretty great she'll watch it.

 we move on the beta sitter killer queen picks up where c or cole as we call him is in high school and everyone in the high school think she's insane even his parents want to send him to the loony bin in order for him to get out of his funk and save him from his parents dragging him off to an asylum academy are those real things his best friend Melanie takes him on a trip to the lake with some friends in a houseboat adventure ourself he thinks let's go color you okay you look like you saw a gorgeous black ghost babysitter too I'm just gonna call it the babysitter too. I know it has a name the babysitter 2 is basically a weed nightmare fever dream the artistic design the artistic direction whatever you want to call it is stunning with the colors and the way it's filmed every time. 

I want to call him b that's thebabysitter that cole is talking to his best friendmelanie everyone around him slows down and she's the pure focus becausehe's in love with her and it's adorable and what a really cool choicewhat's going on we can't talk until she starts moving againthe babysitter killer queen gives us a new bfor c meet phoebe played by jenny ortega who you mightrecognize as ellie from you another great show shouldwatch that one her character is rather mysterious shekind of shows up out of the blue she opens her locker and there's a bunnywith a message saying it ends tonight so the whole time you'rewondering is she in on it is she gonna be the nextlike surprise watch the movie you'll find outtell me so in order for me to not have a spoilery review because honestlyit's really hard to talk about this moviewithout spoiling a lot of it um so here's your quick spoiler freereview watch it it's great you'll love it ifyou love the first one you'll love the second onethe end okay now i'm gonna get into it what i loveabout the babysitter series.

 This movie in general is it doesn't take itself seriously it knows exactly what it is there's a good camp there's band camp and then there's a great camp and that's the babysitter they bring us dumb fun great practical effects hilarious jokes and hey in the sequel john doesn't die first I get killed first that's some post-Jordan pill era horror movie progress breaking all the tropes once it's revealed with a big twist that Melanie is the new babysitter excuse me the original cast pops on to the house belt and was so excited to see them I'm so excited cole gets away with his with the new student in town slash's new love interest and the scooby-doo gang heads off on a hunt to find him and I'd have done it too if you kids hadn't come along one of my favorite things is that all I knew from the first film was that this was blood cult. You just kind of became the best person that you want to be but we never learned what the characters actually wanted what the sequel does is it gives us everyone's wildest dreams max just wants to murder people Alison wants to be an esteemed journalist Allah Geraldo yeah she said that John wanted to be a multi-platinum selling artist with a jerry curl.

A Michael Jackson red outfit but just as tone-deaf as millie Vanilli girl you know it's true but the most surprising one of all is b you get this cute backstory before she became a demon and she was always a babysitter and they got in a really bad accident and she is given the choice from a nurse angel demon who asks her what she would do in order to save this little girl's life and here we are b becomes a little right-hand man of the devil. Is now in charge of gathering the minions. Making more sacrifices and here we are continuing along to get cole who apparently is the only innocent boy in the world so the whole ordeal still is that you have to mix the blood of a sacrifice with the blood of an innocent. 

cole is our virgin who has lit the black flame candle virgin virgin virgin virgin virgin but unlike max coal comes through literally that's right our little coal is deflowered in the basement of a cabin in the woods because no one has ever died in a cabin in the woods the ending of the babysitter 2 gave us a great setup for a possible third film we see the book of the damned or the blood book the demon book whatever we want to call it I forget sitting in the dirt pages flipping open during a special end credit scene so if you don't watch through the end credits Allah a marvel movie you're gonna miss this little nugget overall I love this movie if you couldn't tell the babysitter franchise is freaking fantastic I hope we get the third one it is full of action crazy murders on top of murders on top of murders honestly I didn't think that there were more ways to behead people than we'd already seen. This film gives us even more options it's like shoe shoes so grab your bowl of popcorn curl up on your couch grab your friends who are afraid of scary movies because it's not really scary and enjoy pop that popcorn eat laugh die young.

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