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Time is a puzzle that we cannot hold nor can we escape it The count from morning to evening stops only on two needles of the clock where every moments account is maintained | There are many such things in our life that one thinks in our mind that He/she wish that something happens and we can go back and correct our mistakes, similarly in this Mini-series director Shailendra Vyas tried to bring something fresh, new and unique to the viewers, which goes with the saying "Better late than never".

JL50 Story Begins with a plane crash in a small town of KolKatta,where the people are shocked by the incident The aircrash investigation is handed over to CBI to solve this mysterious plane crash. The case is being investigated by Shantanu (Abay Deol) But the twist in the story comes when it is found that the plane that crashed took off 35 years ago in 1984 from Kolkatta Airport. But, there's another mystery to the investigation unfolds when CBI finds two survivor from the crash, who are exactly the the same age as they were 35 years ago. Isn't is Surprising, Shocking !!! On Further investigations, the case becomes more mysterious, after all what happened to the Airplane..? where was this Plane for 35 Years? You will get answers to all these questions in this Web series on Sony LIV channel, this web series of only four episodes and total run time of 2 hours.

Shantanu's Character played by Abbay Deol acted honestly and totally satisfy his character । Pankaj Kapur, fit in the role of Bengali physics professor, who has dedicated his life to Physics Ritika Anand role as Pilot is satisfying । But the real surprise comes in the form Piyush Mishra, whose performance is worth a watch in this Mini-series। The Makers of JL50 have tried to bring sometime new  to the audience in the form of psychological thriller as contrary to same old age old concepts of Indian Cinema.

Best Webseries JL50 Full No Spoiller Review

This Web series is a cocktail of drama, thriller, mystery , science fiction and suspense, history which lets you to hook up with this series as intented by director Shailendra Vyas। Movies like Andhadhun and Stree, with its unique endings which keeps you at edge of seat, let's you guessing as well as creates eagerness as to what to expect next, will there be any sequel??

This Mini- series has a open ending which opens to lots of possibilities This Mini- series has a open ending which opens to lots of possibilities After 'ASUR' web series, Audience will definetely like this series What comes first in our mind is that we move with time, but on second thought time is stagnant/constant। Only we walk and the word like Future and past is just the manifestation of our mind. The web series JL50 tries to answer all the these questions so i would recommended you to watch this mini series.

There’s nothing extraordinary about a web seriesopening with a plane-crash sequence. But it’s the visual design of this sequence, that might nudge the viewer for at-leastthree of the four episodes of JL 50 Our perception of the plot – which revolves around areal-world mystery, about the identity of this airplane – plays a big role here. When a CBI officer named Shantanu, who is played by Abhay Deol,

from Kolkata reaches the crash site with his colleague, he assumes the wreckage belongs to Flight AO26,a regular commercial flight – carrying some important politicians –that went missing a day ago. But, when news breaks that AO26 hasbeen hijacked by militants from ABA, a communist outfit called “Azaad Bengal Association”, Shantanu discovers that the crashed planeis actually JL50. All the elements point towards the mystical.

A shady Quantum Physics professor,whose played by Pankaj Kapur, survivors from 1984, who haven’t agedand personal items from the Indira Gandhi era. But the design is quite clever: the writer knows that the viewer is inherently inclined to look for reasons that debunka time-travel device in 2020. The series also knows that the “staging”,of a time-travel setup, is an equally attractive premise. As a result, there are clues,that tease the pragmatism of human nature.

JL50 Time Travel Thriller Web Series Must Watch In 2020

For instance, we suspect the authenticity of that openingplane crash sequence, because of the way it’s edited – nobody actually sees the plane crash, they only seethe wreckage, which could have also been staged. When Shantanu interrogates the connected characters, the camera also purposely lingers on their faces,for a split-second after he leaves, as if they might be closet conspirators. That’s also why the protagonist, Shantanu,is a brooding but level-headed young man, in a narrative full of kooky older people. We are encouraged to view the worldthrough his cynical eyes, constantly looking and doubting the fantastical,determined to find logical answers.

Shantanu questions everything, and he always has a wrygrin on his face – while listening to witnesses. It's an expression that Abhay Deol hasproven to be adept at over the years – When his superstitious colleague suggests time travel,he also rolls his eyes. When the pilot recoversand narrates her story from 1984, Shantanu sighs. You’d think Shantanu was more of a Science guy.But at one point during the investigation, Shantanu says “Scientists are artists too”:this is a clear allusion to Science Fiction, the genre we refuse to associate JL50 with. Eventually, Shantanu’s personal arc is crucialto the leap of faith, that JL50 takes. The resolution is cheesy but,dare I say, it's also quite moving. The detailing of the series helps.

Kolkata is a very good choice of setting. The cultural stillness of a city,that seems to be stuck in time – for example other than the clothes,it’d be impossible to tell 1984 from 2020 – this adds to the two-faced tone of the story. Getting Hindi film actors like Abhay Deol, Piyush Mishra,Rajesh Sharma and Pankaj Kapur, to play people of different degrees of Bengali-ness,is a performative sleight-of-hand trick. Mishra’s hamming offsets Kapur’s uncanny local gait,while Sharma’s eagerness offsets Deol’s artistic calm. The exposition in the final episode has wonky dialogue,but it’s a necessary evil to sell an ambitious story.

After all, so much of JL50 second-guesses how we,the viewers, are conditioned to think. It waters the seeds of doubt inour heads quite deliberately. Magic is false until proven true. A work of art is mediocre, until proven competent. And JL50 as we know is all about proof – of the past,of the future, and of a step in the right direction.

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