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Dad Wanted Netflix Original Movie Review

Today let's Review a film on Netflix It is a Spanish film that I have seen, dubbed in English. along with subtitles and the name is Dad Wanted. Yes, it is like some advertisement Because that is what is wanted, Dad, Dada Daddy, Papa, Father, Respected father. So let's talk about Dad Wanted. So children, the story of Dad Wanted is a sweet attempt to bring your relationships and emotions together. A school kid by the name of Blanca has lost her Dad 2 years ago. She hates her mother. She hates her mother because she feels Her mother is responsible for the accident because when he had left home he had fought with his wife (Blanca's Mom). And this is the reason why he probably had an accident. She hasn't spoken a single word to her mother in the past 2 years. Whatever she wants to communicate with her, it is done through her best friend or nanny. Sometimes, not even that. She doesn't say anything to her mother. 

Blanca is passionate about one thing in her life BRX biking. These small cycle type bikes are even ridden on by adults. It's a kind of sport which requires a lot of practice. It looks dangerous. Blanca's mother hates it that Blanca, just like her husband, is Blanca's father has a hobby for the same sport because he had lost his life in the same biking accident. In between all this comes the BMX bike competition. Everyone is participating in it and the prize is 100,000 pesos. Which if we convert into Indian rupees then it would be close to Rs 3,45,250/- More than money, participating in this bike riding competition is what Blanca's heart is set upon. And now starts a very weird audition in which Mom has refused and Papa isn't there. Now, she looks for a fake father. 

The BMX bike competition needs the signature of just one parent Now, Mom has refused but at least she can audition and take the signature from a fake father. This is the foolproof plan Blanca and her best friend concoct. Here is the entry of guy in black leather jacket grey hair, grey beard and mustache Alberto Diacci who is the film's hero. Now, here is his back story. Alberto is a failed actor and full-time taxi, driver. 4 years back he had lost his daughter Who would have been Blanca's age if she was alive. He feels that he can now not act because he is drowning in despair. But he has a debt to pay. To pay it off, he agrees to Blanca's audition. And here starts the fake father daughter's true connection story. After a lot of emotional drama, fights, in the end, happens the very important BMX competition, in which Blanca doesn't win but she saves her wounded friend and wins everyone's heart. 

All's well that ends well. In this movie also, there is a sweet end. Blanca and her mother reunite. Blanca starts talking to her she showers a lot of love on her Along with this Alberto Diard accepts a big acting contract because now he is stable and has forgiven himself as well. He knows his daughter is gone but has Blanca in her place. This movie ends on a very sweet note depicting that love should be given and accepted with an open heart. Who knows, when a love received from a complete stranger can heal a pain inflicted by one of our own. OK children, now your Prachi the teacher's school ends here but let me tell you I will be back soon in front of you. With a new film or documentary whose Hollywood Pathshala will be conducted there.

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