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C U Soon 2020 Movie Review | Abcdmovie

Future Proof! I Like to describe the movie "C U Soon" that way Anyway, Before starting the review for making a full-length movie under current limitations of time and space I Salute the entire cast and crew of this film! I didn't have an Amazon Prime Video subscription till now What prompted me to get one was the trailer for C U Soon that launched the other day! I was really excited after the trailer The first thing that came to my mind was the movie "Searching" Almost the whole movie takes place within the confines of the magical world of the Internet The expectations I had due to the trailer was very high! If you ask whether all the expectations were met the short answer will be about 95% OK! If you ask about the remaining 5% I can't pinpoint a reason in one word! So I shall share my views about the movie without giving away any spoilers! when our people are not even attempting to make a short video despite having talent claiming lack of good camera as a reason a full-length feature film has been shot using iPhones and CC tv footages is the first point to be recognized Not just make such a film to make it enjoyable as well as the more important point exhaustion or lack of clarity that we might feel while watching chat windows and mail inboxes for an extended duration, is nonexistent The direction and editing were on point Editing requires special mention Window to window, screen to screen movements.


If not done crisply without detail loss the mood might have completely changed giving it a documentary vibe when talking about the mood, we must mention Gopi Sundar's BGM Since there are no songs in the movie It's possible to forget about that completely But he has kept it subtle not inviting attention towards BGM complimenting the movie completely Also, as it is a small scale movie it's easy to overlook the cinematography Viewers might feel that it's easy as there are no grand locations or sweeping shots But to capture a scene without losing its essence by identifying a still frame and setting it is no easy task! If you look at how the set is created you can see that it doesn't demand much camera movement All this shows the vision of the director, Mahesh Narayanan But, probably the most effort is taken to get adjusted to the alien conditions might be from the actors' side To make a linear story not boring depends very much on the actors' performances and there are very minimal human interactions on screen it was almost as if they were performing mono acts still they have performed without any disconnect even in the emotional scenes Be it Roshan, Fahad or Darshana An actor's body is one of the most important tools in his/her arsenal but since most of the scenes are within the webcam frame there wasn't enough scope to work with the body to act using micro facial expressions without going overboard is not that easy Fahad Fazil was excellent in that sense Fahad can be a good example of minimal acting approach through his performance in this movie.

 But the standout performer definitely was Darshana Rajendran Not even a slight bit of artificiality was felt Almost like she truly felt the pain during her performance Brilliant!! We'll feel like an outsider peeping into the conversations of Jimmy, Kevin, and Anumol Though side characters didn't have much to work with none of them did a bad job here After saying so much good about the movie if you still ask about that 5% lost Don't consider it as an issue with the film just take as the fault of my own expectations The story is very simple and straight forward To establish the present, chat history and video clips are used for a back story without breaking the timeline anywhere Gullible boy, cute girl, tech-savvy guy combo gave me higher expectations for complicated twists thus contributing to that 5% The movie depends on the plot rather than the plot twist focus is on detailing rather than deviations Didn't I say that it's future proof! 

Director has made the movie without being judgemental or taking sides and that was maintained from start till the climax we can see a progressive approach in both the technical side and story side as well regressive elements of the characters were not glorified So, one way or other I'm pretty sure that the movie will remain relevant for some time to come The rating I give for Malayalam cinema's latest contribution to the world is 4.5 stars out of 5 Unless you have a solid reason, not to everyone must watch this movie which takes Malayalam industry to a new direction Additionally, my personal suggestion would be to watch the movie on a phone or a tablet It will help you be immersed in the online world showcased by the movie If you liked this review of C U Soon then don't forget to comment below.

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