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Antebellum 2020 Movie Review | Abcdmovie

Once we had a healthy choice of movies seeing as it claimed to be from the maker's/producers of us and get out I thought I'd give Antebellum a watch which is a 2020 horror/thriller film composed and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. In their feature directorial debuts stars, Janelle Monae eric Lange Jenna Malone jack Huston Casey Clemens and Tabori Sidibe at least this movie which is more than most have had in 2020if it chooses you nothing can save you a successful author finds herself in a horrifying reality and must figure out the mystery behind it before it is too late okay.

First things first this is not a horror movie it's a definite thriller there are literally zero scares in this film so if you're going into it thinking it's a horror movie you're going to be seriously disappointed because it isn't a horror movie at all it's a definite thriller this film is weirdly pissed so I enjoyed the first act but then the second act is alike it's a completely different film and then the third act again goes back to being like the first act so it's like two good bits sort of you know sandwiching that in the middle is though saved by Gabor Sidibe who absolutely steals the show she's just really really funny whenever she's on-screen she is a mesmerizing presence which Janelle Monae is great in the first act great in the third actin the second act where she's kind of just I feel like being herself good god I would not want to spend more than 30 seconds with this woman.

I enjoyed the twist it's pretty good I didn't see it coming I didn't know what was happening in the first act I was like whoa what's how is this gonna go forward what's happening here and then the second act totally threw me as I said I don't want to say anything about it in case it spoils the movie but it just totally threw me a loop it's maybe about a 15-20 minute section of the movie that I just really was like I'm not enjoying this and then Gabor Siddibe comes along and saves the sort of last half of the middle and then the third act goes back to being really good again like the firstact was so uh it's pretty is a pretty uneven movie in that aspect but I enjoyed it and I need to talk about professionalcritics again um there has been a bunch of criticsthat have panned this movie and I feel like this is definitely goingto be a professional uh critics opinionsare going to be low and the audience score is going to be pretty highum as opposed to the worst movie.

I have seen this year the five types of blood which deal with a similar issue of race and race relations in America in 2020 whereas that movie got across the board10 out of 10s and was a narrative and technical dumpster fire this movie is actually technically a narrative absolutely solid there are some beautiful shots in this movie there's some uh great acting the story over them for about 1520 minute period as I've already mentioned is great and yet this movie's been getting panned and where I actually wrote one uh criticism down here antebellum fails to connect its images with any meaning-making for a largely unpleasant experience lacking any substantial scares that were from David Erlich of indy wire. 

I mean I don't even know if he saw the movie the meaning of this movie is entirely clear to you far clearer than the five types of blood was which was apparently vitally important even though it had a bunch of horrible racism against the Vietnamese people in it you can't make this up professional writers are just doing themselves out of jobs because who can even take themselves who can even take them seriously who can take them seriously at this point this has a decent enough premise held together by some great cinematography decent acting from um Sidibe and Monet and other than for that 15 or 20 minute period in the middle there where I was kind of like this it did pull me back and I enjoyed the ending so this is four out of five stars it's pretty good.

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