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All Together Now Netflix Original Movie Review

we're going to talk about the Netflix original movie all together now is a very heartwarming story about a high schooler with very strong musical aspirations who lives with her single mother who's down on her luck first of all I loved the main character amber apple to who's played by Alihi Carvalho who you might know as Moana she was the epitome of optimism and made me feel good and made me feel more inspired to be a better human being to everyone that I encounter every day you're welcome.

 yes, this movie is teenaged but it's more than that if anything all the angst is coming from carol Burnett who plays Joan a rich bitch it's his glasses they make him look like a lizard I think that this story was relatable on a deeper level than I was originally expecting I said earlier that her mother is down on her luck they're both homeless living in the bus that she drives but somehow ambers manage to be the brightest light in every job that she works to help maintain her and her mother's life there's a lot of positivity going on amidst something that is more detrimental than I could ever imagine however she had to learn to accept help from others after being the one who helps everyone and I think that that's something that people who want to focus on the positive and want to always be happy-go-lucky and bringing a positive light to the situation they forget that it's okay.

It doesn't make you weak to need help sometimes how can we help you I did not like how little they showed Fred arose who love he did play a great character, Mr. Fitz, one of their teachers at school who does have a connection with amber I think every adult in this movie understands that amber's going through something very difficult and so they're trying to be there for her in any way that they can without overstepping boundaries however he was not in the movie as much as I would have liked hey Renzi Felice who you might recognize from the runaways plays a character named Tyties her love interest and as an actor he did fine he did great as a character felt like he was a little forced they were just like oh it's a teen movie we need to have a love interest, in my opinion, the love story was a little pointless sure the character was helpful to her when she needed him.

It was i mean typical teenjust having a little crush but i also feel like if they were gonna make itsuch a small part of the story maybe it didn't need to be about thatmaybe it should have been more about her being strong and independent not needing no man yup so this movie actually took a darkerturn than i was even expecting i was watching it seeing hope for themother seeing hope for them as a family there's an adorable little dog that'samber's sidekick and i just thought okay well they'restruggling now but they're probably going toend up finding happiness somehow right noher mom died in a car accident with her drunk boyfriend that was very surprisingto me and i honestly thought to myselfi'm so glad that there's a dog in this movie that's here to bea happy piece of this story but the dog gets cancer reallydoes this girl's life need to be any worse nogod but the dog didn't die i think this movie was worth a watch idefinitely cried because how can you not cry in amovie that's about so much trauma but it alsowas at the same time one of the most uplifting movies i've watched in a longtime because her optimism just inspired me to feelbetter and treat others around me with love andrespect even if i'm going through something grab yourpopcorn sit down on the couch and get ready for a good cry thank you so much for reading.

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