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finally they just decided thatscrew thevirus we're going to release it no matter what the box office isso i went to see it at a drive-in theater it was perfectly safe i didn'tfeel like there were any issues with that the experience was funi'd never actually been to a drive-in movie before i listened to the audiofrom the movie on my car speakers so even though that was alittle bit weird all the music the dialogueall the sound design the jump scares everything still worked just fine thespeakers in my car were pretty normal but we could spend an entirevideo just talking about the history of this movie and how it eventually woundup on screen but it is one of marvel's first horrormovies in general in the first horror x-men movie that i can think of eventhough there's some horrific elements in other marvel movies but as i talka bout.


the movie you'll start to notice that there are various points throughthe film where it's not quite sure whether or not it wants to be a horrorfilm or if it wants to be a more mainstreamx-men film josh boone the director pitched the movie as a rubberreality mixture of one flew over the cuckoo's nest meets a nightmare on elmstreet with a bunch of characters not being sure what is real being trapped inthis asylum what's happening in our minds what'shappening in the real world but because this is a comic book x-men marvel moviethe metaphorical terrors of their psychic spacetheir minds also become real things in the real world they have to facethe movie paints its themes in very broad strokes and is very easy to followwhich was kind of disappointing for me usually i like a more complexfilm like.

 i'm thinking more christopher nolan's tenant which you kind of need abunch of graphs and charts to be able to followit's only 90 minutes long which is very very short for a marvel movie and eventhough the director avoided a total reshoot situation and fox trying tooverhaul the movie completely there is still a lot of x-men marvelmovie crossover elements connecting the movie to other big marvel moviesi don't want to get into too many big spoilers about that in the video i willdo a separate video for the ending the marvel phase four of it all and howthey're going to handle these characters inside the mcunow that marvel has control of all the x-men fantastic four charactersbut overall i just gave the story of the movie a passing grade it's a solid setupthey're putting the team together for the first time and the movie wasoriginally intended to set up a trilogy we actually know what the story is forthat entire trilogy now that the director's come out and told us .


becausehe doesn't think that he's going to be able to make the other filmsbut the story of the movie is based on the very first new mutants comic bookstory the demon bear saga in that danny moonstar is trying todefeat demon bear a very powerful mutant that killed her parents in most of hertribe the movie makes a lot of changes totheir comic book backstories of the characters i didn't mind some of thechanges given the circumstances around the making of the moviein the overall current state of the fox x-men marvel movie universe i know we'reall kind of hoping that deadpool 3 is giong to be titled deadpool kills thefox marvel universe and that's how they handle all thatcontinuity in the mcu going forward but i have to say one of my biggestissues with the movie is that danny moonstaris the main protagonist the pov character that you follow through thewhole movie ,

she opens the film she ends the film butshe's arguably the least interesting character in it probably theshining star to come out of all this is magic played by anna taylor joy shedid a great job performing her character and hercharacter is written really well too all the actors did great jobs with theircharacters in general i'll talk about them in more detail in a secondbut just danny moonstar by herself as a character felt underwrittenand her arc felt more like a cw version of an x-men character arcshe even narrates the opening of the movie and narrates the ending like theydo on cw tv shows and it's not a spoiler tosay that they also used some buffy .

the vampire slayer tv show clips in themovie at various points just a comment on what the action of the movie isin that show aired on the network that became the cwbut magic was great in the movie like i said probably one of the standoutstars that they absolutely have to bring back in the futuremcu marvel movies at some point now you understand why so many of the trailersthat they release focus on her scenes her powers and thebig record drop moments involving her the way she's written and performedthough by anna taylor joy it almost feels like magic,

to the hellfire club his character would have been much bigger inthe sequels had they done them there was a deleted post-credit scene involvinghis father in the hellfire club that would have helped set up all that stuffbut i'll talk about that in more detail in a separate video just because it iskind of spoilery alice braga was great as celia reyesshe's the nurse ratchet of the movie for talking aboutone flew over the cuckoo's nest metaphorsthey did a really good job writing her as a very complex character she's notnecessarily a villain during. 

the film per se but they do use her character totie together some of the larger x-men marvel movie easter eggs and bigpost credit scenes from other big movies so i will talk about that in my easteregg video you also probably just saw her in jamesgunn's the suicide squad trailer just this past weekendi've already done a video for that too playing a dc character no. 

lessthe movie is coming out next year so it is funny to see actors jumping back andforth between the marvel and dc universe david dasmartian fromant-man and the wasp is also in that same suicide squad movieas polka dot man overall the special effects the sounddesign the score were all pretty decent even though i was listening to the audiolike i said through my car's speakers it didn't lose any of its quality it was agood experience and the audio is a really reallyimportant part of the overall movie going experiencebut one of the major things about ,

the movie that just did not work for me atall was the ending the way they tie thingsoff with danny moonstar's arc because she is the main characterjust feels like something right out of a cw tv showand it kind of made the movie feel like an expensive episode of tvmore than an actual movie so just careful for spoilers spoiler warningwe'll get into more specific details and some of the issues that i have with thefilm so i felt like the whole demon bear arcwas super underwritten and i did not like how theychanged it making him more of a metaphorical villain quote-unquote thanan actual full-blown x-men comic book villainlike the whole message of the movie is to not let your fear control youand they kind of beat you in the face with that at various points in the filminstead of demon bear being this crazy cosmic mutantbent on destroying danny moonstar he's just a psychicprojection of her own fears. 

that she then pats on the head like he's a goodboy and proceeds to just wish him away likei won't let my fear control me so that was just a little too much forme it didn't completely ruin the movie for me or anything like thati think the movie would have fared a lot better if they would have committedto the horror element and just done it as an r rated film andleaned into all the really scary stuff because most of the time it felt like itwas bouncing back and forth between mainstream x-men film traditional pg-13for family audiences and then a couple of scares that weren'treally that scary so it kind of failed as a horror film but overall the moviedid feel like a very enjoyable rental movie so this would have been aperfect vod release so my, 


other really big complaintabout this is the fact that fox let it sit on a shelf for a long timethere were some people inside fox that wanted to completely reshoot the entirefilm thinking that the cost would be worth itbecause the budget was so low compared to the budget of the mainstream x-menfilms like them throwing away 50 60 milliondollars was no big deal so when you hear people say that themovie feels like it comes from a differentera of comic book movies and even x-men marvel moviesthat's why because the movie was made years ago when that was all happeningand it does feel very weird that it is the very lastfox x-men marvel movie really that should have wound up being the loganmovie ringing this was some of the other morerecent x-men movies i would say it's definitely better than x-men darkphoenix i wasn't nearly as disappointed coming out of this as i was of x-mendark phoenix just, 

because i had so many big expectationsfor a dark phoenix storyline i always went into this movieknowing that it would be a really small thriller horror filmbut given the current state of the world and the fact that most movie theatersare closed it was a lot of fun to go to the drive-in andsee a movie like this so it totally works as a drive-in movieand hopefully they'll release it pretty quicklyvideo on demand sometime in the next month or two i don't know how long theyplan on leaving it in theaters so what'll happen is is my video on theending the easter eggs post credit scene marvel phase 4 x-men.

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