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I think it's going to surprise people you kind of sit there and go how did they do that it's going to be different from any superhero movie ever made there's no one better in the world todirect the suicide squad than james gunn i was excited with anopportunity to be able to do the suicide squad inthe way it could be done from my point of viewthis one is completely unique this is a gritty 1970s war movie combined with brilliance of james gunn's characters in comedyyou need your director to set the vibe the suicide squad is just a twistedfantasy of characters within each of our characters there's a certain beautywithin most of them some of them.

 captain america the guy who believesin peace at any cost no matter how many people he needs tokill along the way okay i got it don't ever settle back like you thinkyou know where this is going because you don't as soon as you have some senseabout what's about to happen next james comes in everyone's exploding heads armslegs it's like a big massive graphic novelbrought to life this is by far the biggest movie i've ever made i don't think that you know what toexpect don't get too attached this has beentruly the greatest most excitingjourney of my life making this film cut that was great you know the dealsuccessfully complete the mission you get 10 years off your sentence welcome to task force x. 

these are your brothers and sisters for the next few days Welcome back everyone it's charlie thisis going to be my video for the suicide squad trailer that they dropped at dcfandom this weekend we found out who all the characters are playing we got abunch of footage there's a bunch of easter eggs so i'll explain where thisfits in the justice league dceu continuityand how this relates to the first suicide squad movie there were a bunchof other trailers that dropped this weekend i'm doing videos for everythingso be sure to subscribe to get all those videos i'm also doing a giveaway forthis giant box of dc fandom merch that they sent meso all you have to do to enter is just be a subscriber, 

let me knowwhich new super weird suicide squad character is your favoritethe way they explain this movie is that it's sort of a soft reboot of thefranchise without completely retconning the events of the firstfilm but it does take place after the events of the first film it also takesplace after the events of justice league obviously the justice league snyder cutdoesn't really change the timeline that much it still takes placerelative to where the other films take place but, 


it also takes place after theevents of the birds of prey movie even though it doesn't necessarily referencea lot of stuff in that movie most of what you see from harley quinnwill just reference her history with the joker even though james gunn did saythat jared leto's joker does not appear during this movie they obviously have toreference each of the characters backstories in some quick hilarious wayso when they're referencing harley quinn's backstory they'll just referencethe events of the previous film briefly her history with the joker andher history with ben affleck's batman in gotham but also ben affleck's batmandoes not appear during this movie either even though. 

he's coming back for theflash movie i'll do a separate video for the flash movie teaser because they justrevealed a whole bunch of big stuff about that filmthe way they're describing this film though is that it's a gritty 1970s warmovie as they say during the trailer the cool thing about thatis that matt reeves just said that the batman movie with robert pattinson isbased on gritty 1970s cop shows in the movie chinatownand joaquin phoenix's joker movie is also based on that same gritty 1970s aesthetic so all these crazy dc movies seem likethey're going heavy on the 1970s just in terms of style so if you really likethat aesthetic a lot of these films are going to feellike that too but just to be clear the batman movie with matt reeves is anexception to the continuity it's not really connected to justice league orthe suicide squad movie that exists in its own separatecontinuity. 

i've already done a video about that trailer so i'll add a linkfor that at the end of this and in the description because it was badassbut this new version of the suicide squad gets caught up in a foreign warthey didn't say where the war is happening but from all the footage itjust seems like it's somewhere generally in the south american regionprobably going to be some big location from dc comics historysome of the bigger surprises though are peter capaldi playing the thinkerobviously there was a version of that on the flash tv show but,


peter capaldi'sversion is a much more comic book accurate version like you can actuallysee the nodes sticking out of his skull that they havefor his prosthetics really happy to see this version of kingshark i have a really big theory about how they're going to pull that offin taiwan td's quote-unquote mystery character nobody guessed who idris elbawas playing in michael rooker too big surprises soi'll explain all the characters with some of the bigger justice league dceueaster eggs that connect this to the other moviesbut the premise of the movie is simple there's a foreign war .

that amanda walleris forced to deal with so she sends in the suicide squad to handle itnow during the footage you see them rescuing little girls but it also seemslike they're trying to topple a dictator in a foreign governmentwhich is a very suicide squad thing to do they don't do a lot of large-scaleassaults on foreign countries they're more of a surgical group thatamanda waller sends in to topple foreign dictators when she wants to getrid of them when they become an inconvenience to the united states orthe organization for the price of 10 years off theirsentence they complete the mission as she says you get 10 years off. 

they also finally confirmed that sean gunn is doing a version of the weasel characterfrom the comics this is what he looks like in the movie like really reallyhorrific but it's probably gonna be kind of hilarious tooit's funny to see him going from playing rocket tiny raccoonmotion capture on the set of the avengers films and guardians of thegalaxy to also playing a larger rodent-likecharacter but i don't know if he's also going todo the voice of the weasel character 2 or ,

if they got somebody else to do thati love how john cena is saying that his peacemaker character is like thed*uchiest version of captain america you could possibly imagineand that's how he played him during the movie idris elba's character actuallyhas a bit of a cool backstory that ties into some of the justice league and thesuperman movies so he's playing bloodsport nobodyguessed that but in the dc eu he's been imprisoned for shooting henrycavill's superman with a kryptonite bullet so obviously this takes placeafter the events of justice league when superman has come back to lifebut because he's a mercenary he was hired by jesse eisenberg'slex luthor so just a little bit of extra superman story going on in thebackground i don't know if that means that henrycavill is going to cameo during the film because there were a lot of rumors abouthim signing.


new contract to show up in a couple different dc moviesthere's a way that they could do that superman scene of him shooting with thekryptonite bullet without actually having to have henry cavill on screenyou could just have him off in the distance being shot with a kryptonitebullet but it would be way cooler just to havehim on screen for like two seconds while they do that backstoryscene i'm really interested to see how they explainmon gao because she's the daughter of mongol in the .

so we know that heexists out there somewhere even though we haven't seen him on screenthere's a lot of space-based dc movies like the green lantern corps that wejust haven't got to yet where we would see those charactersso hopefully at some point they'll get around to making that new green lanterncore movie or maybe they'll show up during the hbo series and they can dowar world during that harley quinn has a couple new badasscostumes she's going to be crazy as always you've seen so much of margot robbie'sharley ,

i feel like you kind of know what you're going to getgoing into one of her movies you all know about captain boomerang joelkinnaman's rick flack amanda waller all them coming from the events of thefirst film david dostmotion is playing polka dot man obviously one of the moreridiculous characters cannot wait to see what he's like during the moviemichael rooker looking crazy with that white wig is the savant character iactually thought that pete davison was playing savant but he's just anothercharacter who's really good with hand-to-hand combat so just expectmichael rooker to be .

crazy you all probably know flula from eitherhis youtube channel or the other comedic stuff that he's been doing recently inthe movies but his javelin character is actually from the booster gold comicsthere was a booster gold movie that they were going to try and make at some pointthat was going to be a comedy i don't know what happened to that ,

we'llsee him show up somewhere but let me know in the comments which ofthese new characters are you most excited about obviously that's not allthe brand new characters that are going to be in the film there'll be a bunch ofeaster eggs but the way james gunn talks about it it's going to be huge and crazyand nobody has guessed the plot completelythe movie's coming out in august next year around this time.

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