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I used to live my life a quarter mile ata time it's for protection from what's coming. All right Dom, what's next?Jacob is Dom's brother. Your whole life,you pushed yourself to be faster than Dom. Smarter than Dom. Stronger than Dom. But could you kill him? 

Because I'm ready if you are. Impressive, I know. no no no that's that's not impressive. My ass is en fuego! They got a magnet plane Hold on. Tell me you're not thinking what I think you're thinking there's no... Surprise! Nice Clubhouse. 

Welcome back everyone it's Charlie thisis going to be my fast and furious 9 trailer video they dropped one for theSuper Bowl and there's so much to talk about in this is so crazy each momentcrazier than the last and they brought 

Han back it's crazyhashtag justice for Han so we'll break it down if you're brand new to thechannel be sure to subscribe to get everything there's going to be a bunch morebig Superbowl trailers dropping this weekend - 


apparently John Cena isplaying the villain of this movie and he's revealed to be Dom's long-lostbrother who he calls little brother so John Cena in this equation isapparently the little one even though your head is spinning at the thoughtthat John Cena is somehow the brother of

 DOM I'm assuming their foster brothersor Step Brothers or somehow they just became a family before Dom's currentfamily that he has now but he's also supposed to be a master thief and anexpert car man they bring back Charlize Theron's tech villain from Fast &Furious 8 they introduce a much older version of.

baby BrianDom's son with Elena from the previous movies who of course they named afterPaul Walker's character Brian in his honorthey even bring back Helen Mirren's character letting you know  because in that movie she was in prisonright at the end of it I guess spoiler warning for Hobson Shaw if you her out of prison and that's where they show up inthis trailer I loved watching her in these movies the movies themselves areso ridiculous but she knows exactly what kind of movie she's in so they'reprobably,


 just paying her a giant took a change and just letting her havewhatever kind of fun she wants to have from the trailer itself it just seemslike Charlize Theron characters trying to take down the crew using Dom'sbrother to do that because these movies are all about family they keep repeatingthat word over and over again they the whole ideas that 

Dom's family is hisweak point the whole reason why he seemingly turned on the crew in faststate was because she was blackmailing him with Elena in his son we didn't findout about that till about midway through the film and if you haven't watched inin a while there's actually a scene from this where he's fighting John Cena whichis taken directly out of the Black Widow trailer it's literally the exact .

samefight shot so when you see John Cena and Dom stealing each other's guns it'sliterally the exact same scene of Black Widow fighting the yell in a BulovaBlack Widow would movies John Cena'scharacter and Dom will probably eventually 

put aside their differencesand take down Charlize Theron's character in a much bigger way than theydid during fast 8 what I'm really hoping to see though is that they find areason for them at the end of this movie to drive a car into space because thatwould be hilarious like the whole idea is how do you get crazier with each Fast& Furious movie like this one seems a little bit crazier,


 than the last one andso on and so forth but that means that number 10 has to be even crazier andwhat's the most ridiculous thing you could think for them to try and do andthat is literally drive a car into space in fact when you see this bit here thatthey do with the rocket car you have a Fiero with a rocket strapped to it thisis actually another 

Tokyo Drift character they'll explain in a second soyou think it's a joke that they would try to take this franchise into spacewith the last movie but we'll find out in a couple years I guess since thesemovies are about being as big and crazy as possible they know exactly who theiraudience is and they know how to deliver to it so we'll do top 5 moments tosee how crazy we can get number .

5 is the twist reveal that John Cena is Dom'slong-lost brother hello brother as they just beat the crap out of each othernumber four is them flipping the giant convoy truck tank like truck in themiddle of the city end-over-end you even had that long slow-mo shot of themwatching it like holy 

number three is Charlize Theron scare achter usingthe magnets on her jet to catch John Cena's Mustang gt500 mid-air right afterhe drives off a clip somehow this is not the craziest thing that they do in thetrailer because number two then 

Dom tries to one-up his craziness drivinghis charger right off the cliff hooking it to part of the rope bridge IndianaJones shout out and using it to swing the car onto the other cliff using hisnos Buster's you would only ,


see something like this in a fast andfurious movie suspension of disbelief bad props to these films for making thisscene even a little bit plausible and obviously number one han is backhashtag justice for Han his line of dialogue about the clubhouse is also areference to 

Tokyo Drift the movie where he seemingly diedremember when they got to future movies and they wanted to bring him back theyhad to explain that those movies were taking place earlier in the timeline andit just got really crazy trying to force these movies to make sense when clearlythey're not meant to make sense so 

think the idea here is that they'll saythat he's alive in present day because this movie definitely takes place afterthe events of fast 8 because little baby Brian is a little bit older so they'lljust have to find a way to explain how he didn't die in this seeming bigotedcar explosion the end of Tokyo Drift the whole reason they hated 

Jason Statham'scharacter when he entered the franchise is because he was the one who wasrevealed to have seemingly killed Han at the end of Tokyo Drift but I guessbecause they've been redeeming him over the past couple of movies turning himinto an antihero and he's been helping them like he'd probably help him duringthis movie at some point they'll have some way of explaining that 

he didn'treally kill Han back then and it was all part of some bigger plan it's way easierto say something like that like Oh surprise reveal I didn't kill him I wasactually helping him because of this larger plan than to try and make thetimeline make sense if 

Han was supposedly dead there's probably a bunchof other Tokyo Drift Easter eggs during the movie that just didn't make it intothe trailer but Jason Tobin's character here the onewith the Fierro rocket ship is also a character from Tokyo Drift and he onlyjust peeks around the corner of the frame here but this is Lucas Black'scharacter also from Tokyo Drift so it's cool to see him come back to thefranchise - 


I'm assuming they'll make a lot of references to that because partof this movie looks like it takes place in Japan like these fight sequences sothat may be where Han winds up coming back into the story but everyone let meknow in the comments what are your favorite craziest moments in thistrailer just remember that that's what these movies are about just being ascrazy as possible and just badass car stunts I was working on a new 

MarvelAvengers video when this trailer posted I'm about halfway done with that so thatNew Avengers video should post in a couple hours later tonight as long asyou have alerts enabled for my channel you'll see that when I post it there'sgoing to be a really big Black Widow Super Bowl trailer later this weekend - so ofcourse I'll do a video for that and any other really big Superbowl trailers thatdrop everyone click here for my brand new Marvel Eternals teaser breakdown andclick here for my brand new Doctor Strange 2 x-men video thank you somuch for watching everybody stay awesome Justice for Han! 

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