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what the cinematic multiverse is gonna beborn out of this movie it's born out of barry's storyit blows our minds the levels.

 of possibility that exist within thecontext of this character in this story Welcome back everyone it's charlie thisis going to be my video for the flash movie teaser all the stuff they revealedabout michael keaton's batman ben affleck's batman coming back and whatthey're doing with the multiverse so if you're new to the channel be sure tosubscribe to get all the videos we're doing an amazon giveaway all you have todo to enter is be a subscriber and let me know what you want them to dowith michael keaton's batman and ben affleck's batman during themovie really hoping they get to share a scene together they didn't promise thatbut there's always the ,

so i'll just start at the beginning andnumber these as we go along just to stay organizedso number 10 the director andy muschetti explained that the flashwill get a new suit that's way more organic as you can see it glows with thespeed force energy arcing across his body 

when he's using itit's going to pop way more on screen and they're obviously going to tune the wayhe runs just the visual style of the flash justbased on andy muschietti's own personal tastehe's the director so he kind of gets to decide how they interpret the flash nowbut it'll all be based on what zack snyder set up sothey're not going to be retconning anything about the flashit'll all flow from justice league in the justice league snyder cutso we will start the movie in the justice league suit that he built forhimself with the spaceship parts there are actually two versions of thesuit that zack snyder built and i believe that they're going to referencethe second one during the snyder cut at some pointnumber nine the flash movie obviously is based on the flashpoint storyline ofbarry going back in time to try and save .

his mother but they are changing a lotof things about that justice league flashpoint story so it's almost likeit's only flashpoint in name it's not going to be anything like the flashpointmovie or the comic book story but zack snyder revealed recently thatwe would see new flash powers quote unquote during the snyder cutthis is the clip of him talking about that it was actually patty jenkins ofthe wonder woman 1984 movie that asked him the question to set this up talkingabout new flash powers how do i do this without without givingtoo many spoilers you're gonna see something with flash inthis film i don't think that ,

you've ever seen beforesomething that has to do with his abilities because you know he's aquantum character he does he interacts with time and space soyou might see him do something that is timely but awesome patty awesomequestion and it's awesome to see you so it clearly seems like zack snyder'strying to imply that the flash will perform some level of time travel duringthe movie when he talks about quantum states bigflash comic book powers that we haven't really seen a lot of yet in the moviestime travel is just the biggest one and it also helps set up the premise offlashpoint so number eight the second ,

big flashsuit that ezra miller has worn was that future armor suit when he time traveledduring batman v superman it's just meant to be an upgradedversion of the regular suit with more armor and a special face platethis is a much better look at it and another version of the cyborg suit withthe full armor up that'll also be in the snyder cut so wesaw him time travel during the nightmare sceneand in the justice league snyder cut trailer recently there was a way biggerversion of that scene playing out with the ruins of the hall of justice and abetter look at what happens if they don't save superman from dark side inthe anti-life equation all that will flow into .

the beginning ofthe flash movie so number seven we found out that benaffleck is coming back with a flash movie as bruce wayne it was actuallyone of the biggest news stories last week that just implies he's not going tobe wearing his batman costume or anything in the movie he'll just be inhis street clothes during the scenes asbruce wayne but there are a couple really important reasonswhy they're bringing him back for the movie they said that they sent him thescript like just a couple days before they dropped the news and ben afflecksaid yes after reading the pages they said he's a core part of the storythe emotional through line because not only does he understand what theflash is going through they both lost their mothers when they were childreneven though there's not going to be any kind of martha .

scene or anything likethat there have been memes about that since they announced itbut the next major reason practically is because he's also going to buildthis new flash suit that they showed off canonically he's been a mentor to theflash this whole time but he's sort of passing the reigns that to michaelkeaton's batman who will become the new mentor to the flashbased on the teaser that they released in the story they explained it soundslike he builds that new suit for the flash before he travels the multiverseto meet michael keaton's batman on his earthbut number six the last reason obviously they're bringing him back is to give benaffleck's batman a proper bookend as batman because even though hewill be back as batman and the justice league snyder cut next year he formallystopped being ,

batman when matt reeves took over to do the batman movie withrobert pattinson i know there's still a lot of questionsabout what the future is for his characterinside the larger connected dceu universe and would we ever see him in ajustice league movie i'll address that later in the videothere have been all kinds of rumors about ben affleck the last couple ofmonths since we found out about the snyder cutbut they're not gonna retcon him out of the cannon he's still technically goingto be the batman of this version of earth that thejustice league is from but there aren't any big plans for him to startshowing up in a .

bunch of other dc movies besides the flash movieso number five there was also some claims recently i saw that reverse flashisn't going to be the main villain of the flash movie which sounds kind ofweird because he's the main villain of the flashpoint storyline that they'readapting it's always possible it's still just arumor right now but the story that they're doingisn't close to the comic book flashpoint and they didn't have any michael keatonbatman stuff going on during justice league flashpointso it's always possible that they find someone else like there's not going tobe thomas wayne batman or other larger justice league waraquaman wonder woman stuff going on during the moviei'm still assuming that they'll at least introduce reverse flash even if he isn'tthe main villain he's just too big of a character in ,

the flash comics to skipout on completely worst case scenario they pull a jokerdark knight situation and they just tease him at the end ofthe first movie and set him up as the main villain of the second moviei know everyone's been posting the fan art of anthony starr from the boys asreverse flash he would make a perfect reverse flashplays a perfect psychopath very similar personality to reverse flashbut number four even bigger the dc multiverse teaser so during that teasermontage they talk about connecting to a bunch of different dc moviesthrough the flash movie like him traveling the multiverse toconnect to christopher reeves superman the classic wonder woman series theyeven have footage of keanu reeves constantinein dr manhattan from the watchmen movie technically watchmenis .

So obviously i don't want to spoiltoo much of the movie i want you to be surprised whenwhen you see it there's something that i can show youso i'd like to share a couple of concept art drawings and it'sbarry allen's new suit as you can see it's more organic you cansee light embedded in it, it has been builtby his friend bruce wayne this time flash fact the first appearance of themultiverse in dc comics is actually a flash comicflash comics number 123.

 the flash of two worldsthis film is immensely important because if you look around at the dcuniverse obviously we have all of these characters that existwithin their own bubbles we even have nowmultiple iterations of the same story i'm batman, i'm batman, i'm batmansound like a cool guy this movie by opening that door that flashpoint did inthe comics all of these stories and characters canstart to collide um hellothis should be impossible now to be impossible nowyou don't know about the oh my god don't do this to me i don't know about.

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