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Call of the wild is like Deadwood forkids ah now what just kidding or am i thereare similarities not just the setting but that neither one shiz away from theharsh realities of life and life on the edge the fringes of society in bothcases it gets real but the real reason that I brought up Deadwood and right atthe beginning of this review is that.

I really want you to see call of the wildit's so good but I'm worried that no one will see it in theaters I mean after allit's a period piece and this fine glass of apple cider is going up against ablue slushie which one do you think kids are gonna want anyone for that matter ohI'm a scared this is I mean come on both of them have furry lovable CGI stars andfan favorite movie stars of yesterday back doing what they do best and provingthat they still got it so good please see this movie okayhowever well Sonic this is the this is the crux of the problem Sonic is a lightfun video game movie but called the wild it's based on not just a book but a veryvery old book its grand it's deep but it's also oh so sad I even questioned what ,

I when I finished the film as to whether or not it should have been thatsad but I looked up a yeah I didn't I know many people have read the book itwas never assigned to me in school which was apparently how most people comeacross it there's a lot of sad stuff in the book too so I guess it would havebeen cool to cut that out of the movie but it was said you should be preparedif you know that's another thing you know do you want to have to have thattalk with any younger moviegoers that you take to this I think it's worth itbecause there's a lot of other good stuff to talk about in the movie as wellit's chock full of great life lessons for kids and adults because many adultswhen they become adults still haven't learned,


these life lessons alright so Iwould say this movies as good as a lot of the classic animated movies whichalso sadly I don't know if anyone would pay to see in the theater these dayseither I mean look how to Deanna mation has gone awayso sad it's so sad alright so yes call the wild the movies not just sad but thecircumstances of moving going to some degree you know in the in the myopicNess of what people are willing to say that's right breaking out the big vocabwords all right so call of the wild is like lady in the, 

Tramp the Fox in theHound Bambi meets White Fang the journey of nattyGann and yes as I said even Deadwood now a Deadwood westerns have always been atough sell but Deadwood had swearing and prostitutes to learn in audiences andgreat performances which this movie has too and we'll get to that in a momentbut call of the wild to be fair has amazing CGI dogs and locations and yeswell sometimes the CGI is notable and some of you were like whoa grace. 

I saw the trailer super CGI like they fixed a lot of it and the movie had me so muchand it's it's enthrall but while I was watching I didn't really notice the CGItoo much and when I did I felt it just added to that classic animated nostalgicfeel now sure you could fly everybody out to the actual Yukon it's a realplace and film this stuff with less CGI and use real dogs as Hollywood has donefor decades but it would seem.


 I think less magical not the ideal slice ofAmericana and celebration of nature as is presented here like when buck seesthe spirit of his wolf ancestors you feel that it was really it was mightymajestic I was like wow that's cool and they did it multiple times I appreciatedit every single time and this is all thanks to Lulu and stitches ChrisSanders directing his first live-action film as if Walt had given him the jobhimself there's shades of Pollyanna here to anOld Yeller and the great live-action Walt Disney movies Mary Poppins is likea bigger film although Mary Poppins wasn't even that how to take it and withtoday's audiences so it makes you wonder if even Walt could crack today'saudiences interestingly enough that's also a weird thought to consider asDisney Disney honor gets squeezed out of the theme parks if you like Main StreetUSA you will like a, 

Frontierland Adventureland in all those places youwill like call of the wild it's interesting Chris Sanders leftDisney and was kind of pushed out at the same time over internal politics andsome serious creative differences look up what happened with bolt only toeventually come full circle with Disney's Fox deal but really this movieis where is it the studio it belongs because it's a Disney movie in its ,

DNAthis movie is thrilling moving and even though they don't speak has dogs thatgive performances as good as the Disney animated greatsHarrison Ford helps flesh out the dogs a bit as he pulls double duty as not onlyone of the stars but the narrator and .


he shines on screen and off doing his bestwork in ages he seems to actually care about this movie reminding us why he isone of the most beloved movie stars of all time but there's something new hereas well Ford has tried throughout his career to prove he's also a dramaticactor but I only really believed it with this movie I thought he was reallytouching in his performance Oh Marcy is also incredibly charismatic watched, 

The Untouchables it's such a good movie and the French movie a French movie starfinally gets a Hollywood role worthy of him I'm sure everyone's seen him alittle bit at this point but this is like a real role and he's great karegialso stands out cutting a very cool figure in the Yukon wilderness fanfavorite Stan Stephens Karen Gillan Bradley Whitfordalso show up but fleetingly very very fleetinglybut again the real stars here are the dogs think lady in the Tramp level dogEunice thanks - 

I think I think very convincing and charming CGI withdistinct personalities and troubles to overcome and again I said the lifelessons are amazing they like for instance they have the importance ofbeing part of a group standing up for what's right taking pride in your workthese are not only great lessons but are conveyed here very powerfully I was likeyeah be part of that pack buck the middle was fantastic so I love thismovie it reminds me not only of timeless novels but of timeless movies that itgot unfortunately aren't considered timeless anymore oh so sad but please soplease don't be so quick to dismiss call of the wild it will move you go see itleast thankful that Oh Marcy is returning for Jurassic world 3 with hopefully. 


bigger role and I hope to see more of this caliber of work fromHarrison Ford in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 and Disney should bury thehatchet with Chris Sanders cuz sanders clearly understands the Disney magicboth animated and live-action so that's my review of call of the wild for thelove of God go see it share your thoughts down below subscribe today andof course as always you can check out some more.

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